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I am a straight up window seat kind of girl. Mostly because I usually sleep through the entire flight, and being next to the window ensures that I don't cause an often awkward situation falling asleep on the person next to me's shoulder. I also love the idea of getting to greet and say one last goodbye to the city.

And man, sometimes you just can't beat the view. The sunsets, the skylines, the clouds as thick as puffs of cotton. I remember watching a lightning storm from a distance once during a night flight and I was completely mesmerized. The bolts of lightning appeared to be spearing each other and I couldn't help think of stories of Zeus at war in the skies. I took the first shot above on Monday night flying into Portland. I've actually never caught sight of Mount Hood on any of my trips and it was the perfect clear night. 

What do you prefer – window, middle, or aisle?

Photos all taken with my iPhone 4s and edited with the VSCOcam app.