Lately when I go shopping it's not "do I look cute in this?" it's "will this be comfortable this on a five hour flight?" My time seems to be spent more on airplanes than in situations where I have to look nice.  (This also applies to the fact that I work from home and will contemplate "is this be comfortable to wear all day at my desk, yet doesn't look like I'm still in my pajamas when the UPS man shows up?")

I snapped these two photos on my way to and from Panama.  I had a full day of travel and a layover each way, so I wanted to keep my outfit something that was very comfy.  I like to curl up and fall asleep on the flights but also not look too out of place when I get upgraded and end up sitting next to someone in a suit in business class.


Away I Go – Sweater: LOFT | Leggings: Old Navy | Shoes: Old from Banana Republic | Bag: Amy Kathryn

Back I Come – Tee: J.Crew | Skirt: Promesa | Bags: Amy Kathryn

Maxi skirts really are my new best friend.  They're comfortable and they're so easy to dress up or down.  I invested in two that I love this past summer and wore them many times on flights.  And of course, I don't go anywhere without my Amy Kathryn bags.  That purse has suited me well and my new duffle has been around the world with me now.  It's such a great bag for easy trips.

So that's a little peek at what I wear to travel in.  Sometimes I will dress it up a little more if there's a handsome man waiting for me on the other end, but he already knows what I look like in a LBD… so leggings and a bun will fly just fine.