I spent most of last week in NYC and the very least I can say is that it was really great. I was able to spend time with my good girlfriends for lunches + dinners, cocktails + wine, catching up + just riding the train together. I went to see Kinky Boots on Broadway, had a lot of coffee, went to my favorite bookstore. Sometimes it feels like I never left.


In between grabbing time with friends, I wandered around a lot. I walked though Manhattan and visited the neighborhoods that I love. Took some pics but really just enjoyed being in the city. There are things that I miss about New York every day and it was good to be back.


I go back and forth between wanting to be there and not be there. Between wanting to travel and be at home. To wanting to build for my future and wanting live live live right now. Who knows what the right answer is.

On another note, I keep telling people I want to move to Portland.

Great short piece New York Loves, But it Forgets