Have you heard of the Cronut? It's this hot hot hot pastry from Dominique Ansel in NYC and supposedly to die for. Well, I haven't tried a Cronut because the lines are long to get one. Wake up at 4am and get in line long. No, thank you. I am a typical Aries with zero patience.

Except… except… for VooDoo Doughnuts. I will indeed wait in line and the first time I went it was about an hour. I like 'em. Well imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I was in Portland for just 12 hours, drove over to VooDoo Two around 10:30, and there was no line. Step right up!


The bacon maple bar at VooDoo knocks out all others I've had. And I always get a jelly filled VooDoo every trip as well. Worth the wait. Especially when The Donut Gods smile upon you and there is none.




Maybe it's because I went to the quieter location or maybe I just hit it before the late night crowd rolled in, but I spent 10 minutes with that glorious donut palace all to myself. And I didn't even have to roll out of bed at 4am. Cronut schmonut.

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