Each year as we get closer to New Years Eve, I get really sentimental. Sappy.  I am a person who naturally reflects (read: overanalyzes) a lot and it's at its worst the last week of the year.  2011 was a big one for me.  A lot happened – some good, some bad, and some awesome.  I put together a few blog posts, mainly for me to get it documented, on my year.

The Earth's circumference is about 25,000.  It's kind of unreal.  I flew over 100,000 miles and traveled more than I ever had before (I wouldn't have thought was possible last year.)  Between CKC's, other work, vacations, Europe, Thailand, and living in Los Angeles I spent a lot of time not at home this year.  Sometimes I think I wouldn't have it any other way.  And sometimes I am just… tired.  I went so many cool places this year, I was very fortunate to go on so many awesome adventures.  I bathed an elephant, sat in the Sagrada Familia, went to the top of the Space Needle, photographed a wedding in PR, and lived downtown LA for a month.  So many adventures and time with great friends along the way.

But this whole year I've never felt like I'm truly home – or caught up. I always feel behind.  This next year I have way less travel planned and I wouldn't want it any other way.  There are still adventures on the docket.  Big ones and small ones.  But more time making my world here in NYC a little bit bigger.  Which is an adventure itself indeed.