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I'm currently under a six inch blanket of snow (with more on the way oh yipee) so let's close our eyes, calm our breath, and think warm thoughts. While I'm conjuring up the warmth, I will also transport myself back to Palm Springs paradise and share one more post from my trip there a few weeks ago.

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Meet The Paker Palms Springs, which is designed by the lengendary genius Jonathon Adler and is as beautiful as can be. I kind of think of it as Alice in Wonderland meets East Village in a chic bohemian style. Every inch is just so photogenic.


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The Parker also houses a Norma's, which is my favorite brunch in New York City, and this location happens to come with a splendid outdoor patio. Be sure to check out more photos of the hotel on their website. I don't think there's anything about this beautiful wonderland that disappoints. 

After seeing my visits to the Ace Hotel, The Saguaro, and now The Parker which one would you chose?

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