During my hibernation besides watching a lot of Friday Night Lights, I've been trying to do a lot of thinking. I have small ideas and large ideas how I want this year to play out, and one thing I know is it's going to take a lot of work from me. Harder than I've ever worked before.

One thing I want to work on is this blog. I said it before but I'm not a natural blogger. It doesn't come easy to me. This blog has a bit of an identity crisis (which likely stems from the author's own) and I think a lot about what direction it's going in. I dump everything here and it doesn't always all go together. Food. Fashion. Scrapbooking. Travel. I would love to have separate blogs devoted to all those different topics and oftentimes I would love to have no blog at all. I told you, identity crisis.

I could talk about my thoughts on being a blogger forever. Realy I could. But the point of this post is to ask you what you would like to see in this space. I hope to get back to blogging five days a week but I am interested in knowing what will interest you. So I'm sending this post out into the void and asking you to hit me back with your thoughts on what posts you'd like to read here. Please share.