Blog 0701_8611A couple weekends ago I ventured back to Williamsburg and spent the afternoon at Smorgasburg. Remember the Brooklyn Flea?  Well, now picture it with only food.  Are you salivating?  I am.

Smorgasburg is held in the same lot as the BK Flea, but all the vendors are of the food variety.  Fantastic.  I went on the Fourth of July weekend, so it was a bit empty with people out of town for the holiday.  But never fear, I still found some amazing things to eat.

Blog 0701_8584
I debated between a pulled pork sandwich from Mighty Quinn's and fried chicken on a biscuit with dill ranch + bacon from King's Crumb (check out a photo of that here!)  The pork won out and quickly became the theme of my day.


I was tempted by so many things, but like I said… pork won out the rest of the afternoon.
Blog 0701_8604
This little gem is one of the BEST THINGS I have ever eaten. I took my first bite and started giggling.  Because it made me that happy.  It was juicy, thick bacon that had been perfectly sweetened with a little bit of maple and some delicious seasoning sprinkled on top.  I ate it while sitting on the beach, looking at Manhattan.  

And then I took the water ferry home.  Sometimes it's just nice to live in a place where a ride on a ferry is part of your afternoon.  See you again soon, Smorgasburg!