My lovely friend Leigh, made the trip out of Manhattan to Williamsburg to dine at Smorgasburg with me on Saturday.  We took one lap around the place – there were many more vendors than when I had previously gone – and both settled on a fried chicken sandwich from King's Crumb.  Hello there, carbohydrates…
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Fried chicken sandwiched between two big biscuits with a slice of bacon and dill ranch.  A great equation.  Unfortunately my teeth kept fighting with the biscuits and it was hard to make my way to the chicken. 
Of course we couldn't leave the lot without sampling just one more thing… so Leigh scooped up some People's Pop shaved ice and I had a little cup of Blue Marble ice cream.  Hit the spot on that sunny Saturday.
Blog ctv_25 Smorgasburg, I can't get enough of you… I'm sure we'll meet again soon.