The Skydeck at Willis Tower is one of those touristy things in Chicago that you always want to do but never quite make time for when you live there. But one night in May my friends Chloe, John, and I put aside a night to go up and check out the view. Which is pretty spectacular. You get a panoramic view of the city.



The Skydeck has glass boxes that you can step out into about four feet out and 103 floors up in the air. Just you and some glass floating above the city. I went a few years ago and my palms were definitely sweaty with that first step onto the ledge. This time I thought I was feeling more brave, but that step out into the sky is a tough one to take. Once you're out there though, it's lots of fun.



The three of us had fun snapping photos and didn't even realize that 2+ hours passed as we watched the city get all lit up in the dusk. If you plan it right, you might see some amazing sunsets from the Skydeck. 

You might also know that the Skydeck has recently been in the news for cracking when a family stepped out onto the glass. Eeek. Live life on the edge and take a trip up to the ledge. 

Willis Tower Skydeck
233 S. Wacker Dr.
Enter Skydeck on Jackson Blvd. (south side of building)
Chicago, IL 60606
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