I love a good trend especially when it's something delicious that I get to eat. Ramen Burgers are the new "thing" in New York and San Francisco, so when I was at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn a few weeks ago we decided to try them out. Now I am an impatient Aries and never like to wait for anything, food not being any exception (yeah I'm talking about you, Cronut!) But I grabbed a Dough doughnut as an amuse bouch over then Amanda, Missy, James and I used 30 minutes to catch up on things. Before you knew it, warm Ramen Burgers were in our hands.



I've eaten a lot of things that have not lived up to the hype, but this most certainly did. The noodles are soft, but still stick together to act like a bun. And whatever ths sauce they put on there… it sure is tasty. Umami goodness.



We ate our burgers in the sunshine and watched the long line grow even longer. They say NYC is the city where you can get anything you want and now when you want a burger with ramen noodles as a bun (and who doesn't?!) here you have it. 

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