I was in New York City for a wonderful six days last week and my good friend James + I made the trip up to the MoMA to step inside the Rain Room. I'd seen photos of this special exhibit floating around the web and it looked incredibly intriguing. Ten people at a time are allowed into a dark room where it is raining from the ceiling. But through some magic – and I don't know how they do it – no matter where you walk you will not get wet. The rain avoids you, even if you stick your arms out fast and wide. Magic.
It was fun to watch James take his first step from the dry sidelines to under the rain. He hesitated at first (as I did as well) not quite believing that he wasn't going to get drenched. It's one of those things where your brain knows what happens when you walk out into rain, yet the complete opposite of what you think actually happens. 




If you're in New York, this is definitely a must-experience-will-make-you-happy kind of exhibit. It runs until July 28th.  The wait to get inside however is long – the first time we attempted to go the wait was about four hours for non-members.  (If you can find a MoMA member they get early morning access and the wait was only about an hour.)



And who can resist a chance to experience a little magic?  I know I never will.