I am currently in Chicago, my second city. I'll be here for CHA all week + a little vacation time, so I've prescheduled some blog posts this week.  And hopefully I'll have time to jump on and post some fun stuff from the show as well!
I am a huge Project Life failure.

Back in March I purchased the Project Life page protectors and put them into an album, with plans to record my 29th year starting with my birthday on the first page.  I collected lots of paper, had some photos printed, added in memorabilia from everywhere. 

Then I got busy.  Then I started traveling too much.  Then life got heavy and I didn't really care about documenting it so much anymore.  I needed to invest more time into the actual project of my personal life than in scrapbooking.  

And so there it all sits on my coffee table, just waiting for me.  I've kind of given up.  There are tons of holes, photos that need to go in, memorabilia that needs to get cut down.  Eight weeks that haven't even been started.  After I got back from Thailand I stopped collecting things.  Now what, Project Life?
I'm not sure what to do with all the stuff.  I thought about combining it all into just one mini album and call it done.  Or bind it all together like Elise's summer album.  Or just put it in a box and deal with it later. 

Someday I think I will want it all.  I think.

But now what?