Yes, indeed.  Here we go.

I had posted previously that I'd tried to start up a Project Life album and was just no good at it.  But I still really wanted to get all that memorabilia into an album somehow.  So a couple weekends ago Julie invited me over for a Crafternoon and I hauled it all with me and dumped it out on her kitchen table.  Eight hours later, voila!  A new Project Life album.

PL The new album is 5.5"x8" and I plan to bind it with rings (I think… if someone has a better suggestion I'd appreciate it!) It doesn't have a cover yet.  That might be the very last thing I get to.  But this is the first page.  I used a blog post and this Paislee Press digi kit from my sweet friend Liz.

The other pages became mini collages of everything that I'd stuck into those 12"x12" page protectors.  This size was so much more managable for me.  I didn't feel bad trimming things down, I just wanted them in there.

Besides my birthday blog post and the blog post from my NYC anniversary, I haven't included any journaling.  I'm not sure if I will.  I started to add in little tabs on the business cards like "brunch with Jason."  But I didn't like how it looked and I thought, in ten years is "brunch with Jason" really going to help me remember anything?  I don't know.  (Jason, if you're reading this, of course that brunch was very memorable… especially the Levain cookie.)

I used scraps of Amy Tangerine patterned papers, stamped a few images with the matching Love Struck stamp set, and added some washi tape here and there.  But I kept it quick and simple.
PL 3

PL 1

PL 6

PL 7

PL 8

PL 9  


PL 11

PL 12

PL 13

PL 14
That's as far as I got because that was all I had organized in my bigger album.  But I still have a stack of printed photos and a ziploc bag full of things to make more pages.  I had some 4"x8" photos printed from and they'll be perfect for the album.

I flip through these pages a lot.  I love that every scrap in here has meaning… it all means something very important to me.  I'm glad that I started and restarted.

Project Life is back on track.  And man, isn't that the truth.