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I was going through photos to wrap up my 2013 album on Facebook and realized I hadn't blogged about Pine State Biscuits yet. How could I have missed it? That needed to be corrected immediately.

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Pine State Biscuits earns rave reviews from everyone who lives and visits Portland. It's the chosen breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night snack of champions. The diner menu includes biscuit sandwiches along with other delicious carbs like pot pie and pancakes. Rainy day? Meet comfort food.

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Sarah, Barb, and I stopped there for breakfast (right before our ice cream feast) and only had a little bit of a wait before we were able to get seats inside the restaurant. We all ordered the same thing – the Reggie Deluxe. And truth be told, I had an extra biscuit on the side. I couldn't resist. If you make it to Portland, you shouldn't resist Pine State Biscuits either.

Next week I'll do a post about how I'm staying fit + attempting to burn off those calories in the new year. But for now, let's just think about bacon and biscuits.

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