It seems that Paris is made for al fresco dining. In my short span of two weeks, I've eaten 80% of my meals outside with two amazing picnics. My friends + I had one under the Eiffel Tower last weekend and last night my latest visitor, my friend Rachel and I had one right on the Seine. At sunset. Does it get anymore dreamy than that?


These are the things that my picnic dreams are made of. You can add in more like pastries, or beer, or vegetables, but the above is my perfect list. I've found that each person definitely needs half a baguette and half a bottle of champagne. And the more cheese, the better. That is definitely a life motto, right?


One non-negotiable is a good friend to share it all with. Luckily you say the word picnic and you'll find plenty of volunteers. Bonus points for one that always tells you when you have cheese in your hair (thanks, Rachel!)


One last must-have is a great view. I think nothing could beat the Paris sunset over the river in my book right now. I am so in love. Cheers to more picnics in Paris!