It's been a week since I arrived in Paris and I don't know if one has ever flown by so fast. I'm already dreading the rest of the summer speeding by me. Needless to say, I love Paris. I am in love with Paris. It's a different kind of trip because I've never taken a vacation to somewhere for so long. No huge hurry to see everything in one weekend, time to spend in favorite places, putting in the effort to make new friends. I do the same kinds of things here as I did at home – wander around the city, meet friends for coffee dates or meals, write + think a lot, and work at night. But I am very lucky to get to do all of this in Paris, which feels like a dream.

Anyway, I have many many Paris posts to come (you will probably get very tired of hearing about it!) and since my only attempts to not gain 100 lbs in three months is to walk a lot every day, I have a lot of places across the city to share. So… allons-y!

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Starting with Pont des Arts seems like a great place to start since I just swung by there for the second time. It's the famous bridge on the Seine that is covered with locks. Locks of love, to be more specific. You + your beloved take a lock, lock it onto the bridge, then throw the key into the river, sealing your love for all eternity. Le sigh.



The bridge is literally covered in locks and it's quite the heart warming sight to see. 



The locks have become a controversial statement because they're weighing down the bridge (with part of the fence collapsing last Sunday evening) and the keys polluting the river. That's never a good thing. Perhaps a new solution will be thought up for displaying love in the most romantic city in the world. I can't wait to see what it could be.