A farm dinner has been on my dining bucket list for a long time now, so when Barb asked if I wanted to come to Wisconsin for an Outstanding in the Farm meal I didn't hesitate to say no. I love the idea of supporting local farmers and chefs who do farm to table are some of my favorites. City living not withstanding, I'm a born and raised Midwest girl who loves corn on the cob and eating tomatoes like apples from my Grandpa's garden. 

We ended up in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful farm with two amazing hosts. We guessed there were about 150 people in attendance for a five course dinner complete with bottomless wine glasses. This is the kind of nature that I definitely can get in touch with.







The atmosphere was beautiful during the day but became even more stunning as the sun set. Pretty sky and a candle lit table. Not to mention a caramel budino that was the highlight of the night for me, accompanied with a glass of moscato.



I really can't write enough about how incredible this dinner experience was but hopefully the photos speak for themselves. The Outstanding in the Field program is top-notch with awesome people behind it. They travel across the country and some of the other photos I've seen are spectacular. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their dinners, I highly recommend it. Just let me know, I'll hop on the next flight and come join you.