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My favorite dinner (and possibly my favorite meal) Barb and I had in Portland was at Olympic Provisions. We hiked up to their Northwest restaurant after examining the menus at both locations. This one won because of the tantilizing meat on the menu.

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As soon as I walked in, I loved it. The space is small but so cozy. You're greeted by a fabulous looking butcher case next to the open kitchen with subway tile. And then we started to eat and I decided I never wanted to leave.

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We split brussel sprouts with lardon, Schmaltz potatoes, and a rotisserie prime rib that I swear to you was sent from heaven. I also devoured a bratwurst that was the best thing I ate in Portland. It was buttery on its own and the spicyness was enhancedby the incredible whole grain mustard on the side. I powered through and ended the feast with some delicious homemade ice cream that absolutely hit the spot. We left with stickers proudly proclaiming "Meat Here."

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I once dated a guy in New York City who loved to cook + grill and we often joked that he should turn his spare room into a meat smoker. After this trip to Olympic Provisions I am even more convinced that this idea is pure genius. I would never have to leave the apartment. I think I'll start working on my casing skills. More meat, please.

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