When I was in Denver, thanks to some awesome recommendations from friends, I was well fed. Very well fed. My first big dinner out was at Old Major. I think it goes down as one of the best meals I've ever had. Again, I sobbed inside because I didn't have my camera with me but tried to make due with the trusty iPhone.



I sat up at the bar and asked the bartenders for some help with ordering. Luckily I'd made it in time for Happy Hour and with an even better stroke of luck, they have an incredible HH menu. I started with Bacon "Wings" which were big thick slabs of bacon dressed in wing sauce served with chunks of blue cheese. Swoon. Pair that with pork fat fries + THE BEST aioli I've ever had and I was so happy from the start.


My main was perfect al dente cavatelli with smoked pork shank. It was so dreamy. Then I think I shocked the bartenders by requesting a dessert menu and topping it all off with a Maple Bacon Creme Caramel. When you see the words maple bacon, how can you not say yes?


Oh goodness, I loved it all so much. Old Major is a fairly large restaurant with great patio seating and a large bar where you can sample the Happy Hour menu like I did. Or just order the whole menu. I really don't think you'll be disappointed!

Old Major
3316 Tejon St
Denver Co, 80211
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