Scarpetta and I are old friends.  I have many great memories from meals shared with people at Scarpetta.  I first visited Scarpetta solo, in the Fountainbleau in Miami.  I made very good friends with the bartender, and every trip back to Miami was included a trip to see him and enjoy a plate of pasta.  I've taken friends to Scarpetta in NYC and in Miami. 
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We had the exact same meal in NYC as Miami, and then again had that exact same meal in Beverly Hills on my trip to California.  I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Especially if it includes the best spaghetti you can eat.  Yes, we always get the same thing – start with the amazing stromboli bread, braised short ribs and a creamy polenta with mushrooms for appetizers, and spaghetti for me. 
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In Beverly Hills we sat out on the heated patio, which was dark, cozy, and quiet – making for a perfect long meal.
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The food is so simple, but so amazing.  Just a plate of spaghetti turns into one of the best things I've ever eaten and a dish that I consistently crave.  Al dente, fresh, and the perfect basil to tomato ratio.
If you go, and you really should, be sure to save room for dessert!  Each location has their own pastry chef + menu and I am delighted to report that I've never been disappointed.  Although I'm a bit partial to Miami and my beautiful birthday cake.  Oh yum.
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Next up, Scarpetta Las Vegas.  Oh and Toronto too… my passport is ready to take a trip for some spaghetti.