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I think it is safe to say that I am handling turning thirty-one much, much better than the ridiculous episode that was the month leading up to my thirtieth birthday.  Shit.  Last year I was basically huddled in a ball in the corner breathing hard into a paper bag.  It wasn't easy for me but I made it out alive and have survived the past 364 days.  With one day left of year thirty, I am getting a bit sentimental (as I always tend to do) and came up with another A List of Thirty (as I always tend to do) to document my Year of Thirty.

1. Made the decision to leave my job at Studio Calico.
2. Went to the South of France.
3. Had a book published.
4. Had a book party where all the guys I dated the past year showed up. At the same time.
5. Walked from 12th Street all the way up to 74th Street.
6. Made the decision to start my own company.
7. Experienced immense joy in my heart when one of my best friends told me she is pregnant.
8. Experienced immense sadness in my heart when I moved away from one of my best friends.
9. Received the screeners of GIRLS then made every single girlfriend in the city watch them.
10. #vegasbuffetchallenge2012 with my bestie Sarah.
11. Actually packed up my life and moved from New York to Chicago.
12. Took my beloved annual trip to Portland.
13. Worked out with a trainer to be in the best shape of my life.
14. Tried to live life to its fullest.
15. Experienced a loss and grieved in my own way.
16. Ate at Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, and Blanca.
17. Danced at my brother's wedding.
18. Had adventures for the first time in Central America and Asia.
19. Enjoyed fantastic beach days with my girls and Rockaway Tacos.
20. Visited London with my brothers as the Olympics began.
21. Figured out that some day when the time is right, I will be a mom. 
22. Went to Sleep No More which turned out to be one of my favorite experiences ever.
23. Visited Kyoto dressed in autumn colors, which took my breath away.
24. Made the decision to start partnering with Simon Says Stamp.
25. Sat around the kitchen table talking for hours with my four best friends from high school.
26. Started fresh.  And it felt really good.
27. Revisited the past.  And it felt really fun.
28. Said farewell to my amazing NYC friends with a Photobooth party.
29. Laid in a hammock on the beach in Costa Rica with great girlfriends.
30. Had a year that unequivocally changed my life.

There are many things I could say about the past year and the people I spent the days with.  It challenged me and took me further and taught me more than I ever thought was possible.  It was a gift.  Now here is to another wonderful one ahead.

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