I went to NYC for a long weekend and it was good to be back. My last trip was in June and I feel like things have changed so much since then. One thing is my friends. They've started talking about leaving the city (and some already have.) It's interesting to see everyone find their own personal catalysts for moving away. I think we all know that New York will always be there for us to come back to.

Another thing that changed, in myself here, was that I didn't take that many photos. I had brought my Fuiji x100 camera plus an Instax camera and my iPhone, but I really didn't snap a whole lot. Especially when I had thought that I would come home with a ton. I used to take a huge amount of pictures when I traveled but it seems more and more that I'm not taking many or if I do it's a few for Instagram (which I've also tapered off on.) Who am I?!

I don't do layouts anymore, which might contribute to it. But I notice that many scrapbookers have traded in layouts for Project Life, unless they're required by a design team. Just talking out loud here. Are you still taking a lot of photos? Does it come and go in waves? What inspires you to pick up and carry around your camera?