I'm excited to be teaming up with Canon USA to share some ideas using their products this year. First up is a little scrapbook tag album that I made about my trip last week to Las Vegas. The new Canon SELPHY CP910 arrived shortly before I left for out west and it's so compact + tiny that I packed it along in my carry-on suitcase. I thought it would be fun to do a little scrapbooking "on the road" and use the printer's sticker sheets to document the trip.


It definitely can be easier for me to get things scrapbooked while I'm away rather than try to get caught up when I'm at home. A little prep work beforehand helps and bringing a few supplies with you in your suitcase too. I knew I wanted to put together a tag album because the stickers print out 2×2 and it would be great to stick them onto 4.75×2.375 shipping tags.

Before I left, all I did was cover the tags with patterned paper. Then I packed along adhesive, the stamp set from my Lucky kit, three small ink pads, scissors (if you're not checking your suitcase, baby scissors will go through security), sequins, and a stapler. This can all fit into a small plastic baggie. Then throughout the trip as I took photos, I printed them off with the SELPHY onto the sticker paper. They were ready to just add right to the tags!



The flight from Vegas to Chicago is a long one and the perfect time to get down to business assembling the rest of the album. I like to use up the scraps of my papers – they make the perfect little embellishments and you're not wasting anything. An awesome thing about traveling with the SELPHY is that you can hook it up to a wireless network, then print from your phone. That way if you're traveling with friends, everyone can print using it. You'll get photos and stickers from everyone before you depart.

Bon voyage everyone!

ETA: Paper is Canon KC-18IS Card Size Sticker