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There was a long list of meals I had to cram into the month of January and it included quintessential Katz's Deli.  My dear friend Leigh Erin battled the lunch crowd with me to eat messy sandwiches and drink Dr. Brown's rootbeer.  What is more New York City than that? 


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If you've never had a pastrami sandwich from Katz's let me just tell you – it's a little slice of juicy, meaty, delicious heaven.  With the soft bread and mustard, this sandwich is irresistible.  I order a half paired with chicken noodle soup, which is the perfect comfort food combo.


With of course, a big plate full of pickles to top it all off. I made the mistake of biting into the garlic pickle. And the result is my face above.  Woah mama. I think they could now smell my breath all the way to New Jersey.  That famous line in Katz's Deli from When Harry Met Sally – "I'll have what she's having" – well, clearly what she was having was not a pickle. Oy vey!