I just returned from a wonderful trip out to California, the first part spent in LA with my sweet friend Jenny and to attend Amy's baby shower then the second part to visit some awesome friends in San Francisco. And of course to eat my way through both cities. Some great meals were had, which almost matched the awesome company. 
It was perfect weather in San Francisco, breezy but still warm. Warm enough to eat ice cream, that is. That city tops my list as one of the best food cities and they have great ice cream to boot. My first stop was Bi-Rite. We walked to the ice cream only location and waited in not one not two but three lines. It was worth it.
The salted caramel is the flavor to beat but I was in a summery mood and went with some fresh fruit. So delicious. The next day I made up for it with salted caramel at Smitten, which is in the top photo. Be careful, it melts fast. Get those tongues wagging!
If you make it over to the Mission, I recommend Mitchell's ice cream. And you can get an absolutely to-die for chocolate ice cream at Ghiradelli. Next time I'm in the Bay Area I hope to make it back over the water to Fenton's. I still dream about this place. Sweet sweet ice cream dreams.

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