I have a strange addiction to cookbooks.  It's not just limited to cookbooks, I buy Bon Appetit every month, Food + Wine almost every month, and Saveur on occasion.  I save a lot of recipes from different magazines and have a pumpkin pie one from Locanda Verde in NYC that I'm dying to try.  But the thing is, and you probably know this by now, I don't actually cook.  It's like love… I am enamored with the idea and the look and the sound of it.  But I don't actually use these cookbooks.  I joke that the only thing I make is dinner reservations, not dinner.

Enter I Love NY.  This cookbook, which is not precisely a cookbook, but a book full of "ingredients and recipes" and some truly beautiful photos.  This cookbook, which is not precisely a cookbook, was written by Daniel Humm + Will Guidara, who run Eleven Madison Park which I had a most pleasurable dining experience at last year.  Truly top notch and "very New York."  This cookbook, which is not precisely a cookbook, might just be the one to make me actually cook something.  It is really inspiring.  Inside are recipes for New York classics and if there's anything I can get on board with it's a New York classic.  You can look inside the book right here on Amazon.

And so, coming from a girl who does not yet own dishes in her new Chicago apartment, I have been pouring over I Love NY deciding what my first conquest will be.  Soon.  I will cook soon.

Please leave any recommendations for cookbooks that you think I must also pick up to add to my collection.  The prettier the pictures the better.