Chew photo(192)

On Saturday I took my now-oh-so-familiar route to Williamsburg to spend the afternoon at Smorgasburg with Jodi + Elizabeth.  Smorgasburg is one of my favorite things about the city… definitely my favorite way to spend a few hours on a Saturday with friends (as I've shared before here + here.)  I took the Instagram above and as I was posting it, I checked out what other IGs had been geotagged.  And that is how I discovered that Chef Mario Batali was in the house.

Which led to this…
Chew photo(190)
Chew IMG_1234

That would be us talking to the crew from The Chew.  It started pouring rain, but instead of scattering we just pulled out our umbrellas and kept enjoying our lunch.  Which is how the cameras were drawn to us.  Elizabeth snapped that photo of me showing the camera the Instagram I snapped of Chef Batali.  I gushed to the camera about being a foodie, getting to support local artisans at Smorgasburg, and my Instagram addiction.  They also filmed us eating, which is ever so attractive.

Chew photo(191)

And as for what I chewed that day?  Lunch was a perfect grilled cheese sandwich from Milk Truck and my MUSTHAVE maple bacon bar from Landhaus (which I mentioned, along with doughnuts from Dough, to the camera crew as one of my favorite things at Smorgasburg.)

Chew photo(189)

Dessert was a Smoregasm – so delicious – although next time I'm trying whatever that girl behind me is throughly enjoying.  A chocolate covered banana, I believe.  I also topped it all off with a bite sized cheddar, beer, and chipotle cupcake which I would love to have again.

Fingers crossed that we will be chowing down on The Chew Wednesday morning.  My DVR is set.  And just in case they don't share it on the show, here's the IG of Batali's ass clogs that I snapped: