Lately I have been falling head over heels for coffee shops (maybe it's part of my Portland obsession) and spending a lot of time seeking out really exceptional ones. Happy Bones is an itty bitty one in New York City that I popped into for the first time on my recent trip.


For being so small, it packs a big punch. Number one, the coffe is delicious. Number two, they have Dough donuts!!! Which are my favorites in NYC. Number three, it's so ashtectically cool inside with all white walls and the sunlight streaming in brightly mid-afternoon.


Number four is that the cool kids hang out there. I happened to sit down at a table next to Emma Kepley, who is one of my favorite Instagrammers – her feed is amazing. She was there meeting Tiffany from Oprah's new show Love in the City. Tiffany was gorgeous and seriously hilarious as we all chatted, I definitely will be looking forward to seeing her on tv. 

Happy Bones' name definitely speaks the truth. When I left and went out into the sunshine, I felt happy down to my bones. And fueled by a really great donut + caffeine. 

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