I've been posting so many work things lately I thought I'd just to a quick non-work post. But when it comes down to it, life is all about work lately. And I am really grateful. This year has been about growing my brand and expanding it in new ways, and that has brought about opportunities + collaborations that I'm super excited about. I am always very thankful when good companies + people want to work with me.

You might not know this but I've been working in the scrapbook industry since 2006. I was on the in-house design team at American Crafts and the first line I worked on (don't quote me on this, it's been a long time) was Metropolitan. Remember that one? Somehow my non-work post has turned into being all about work, so I'll stop my random chatter. The point is, I'm grateful for that work and support and each opportunity have brought me to a good place this year.

So other than work, I've been just hanging out. Got to spend a lot of time with some of my best friends last weekend. Making time to date again. Binge watching more tv shows (started Orange is the New Black tonight when I got home from dinner.) Planning some great travel. Drinking coffee, eating donuts.

Life is grand.