If I had a sandwich shop named Purkeywich, would you come visit?  I hope so. 

But until then, we can enjoy a trip to Grahamwich (check out the website, it's pretty cool) – one of my new favorite places.
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Owned by celebrity chef (yes, I totally buy into the celebrity chef jazz) Graham Elliot, this little place is right downtown Chicago and the perfect place to stop while shopping up + down Michigan Ave.  I first visited in January right after it opened and I was pleased to find that the lunch was just as good as I remembered it.
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On my first trip, I had a grilled cheese (it was amazing) and this time I went all out with the Wagyu Beef sandwich.  It's safe to say this might be the best sandwhich I've ever eaten.  The flavor combinations along with the juicy meat and soft pretzel roll were perfect.
Blog ctv_99 I also treated myself to a bag of G'Wich Chips which I would love to have accompany every sandwich for the rest of my food lovin' life.  We'd tried the G'Wich Popcorn before as well and if you ask me, it beats Garrett's down the street.  No offense to the beloved Chicago Mix.

I had also previously tweeted my delight over lunch at Grahamwich and was promptly tweeted back by GE himself.  Gotta love Chicago chefs, especially ones who are on top of their social media, and most especially ones who make a mean sandwich.