Back in July I released a little geotag stamp and I hate to play favorites… but… it's still my favorite.  It's a great embellishment and the perfect way to document your adventures.  If I could send one to all of you, I would.  So, while I work on getting the files up for sale in my shop, I'm going to offer the geotag digital brush and .svg + .png files for you to download for free.

Click HERE to go to the downloads page for the geotag.

Here's a sample of what you can make with my geotag:





Samples from @cheesee_lizee on Instagram, Jamaica, Vee, and Lisa

Please grab the geotag files or the stamp right here and go forth + geotag!  Please be sure to link me up to any project you ever create using my stamps, digital files, or brushes.  I always look forward to seeing them!