I turned thirty on Friday. Yes, it actually happened.  Surprised, aren't you?  I would like to say that I was prepared, went out the night before, had a fun time, then I woke up and celebrated.  The truth is I had a really hard time.  Thirty found me Thursday night in lots of tears.  I just was not ready for it to be here.

Then I woke up and celebrated.  All out celebrated.

I flew to Chicago in the morning and that alone made me happy.  Amanda and Chloe flew from New York to join me in Chicago for a big birthday dinner… and when I arrived at the restaurant, Sarah was there to surprise me.  We had a hell of a night, which deserves its own blog post.

But sitting at that dinner with my best friends who had all traveled miles to be with me made my heart swell up and burst. Have you ever felt like that?  So happy that you feel this heaviness in your chest and your heart is like the cartoon version of the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes. 

I felt that all weekend long as we celebrated with a ton of good food… and had an endless amount of fun. Friends from all different paths of life – my best friend from high school, best New York friends, old Chicago friends, new Chicago friends, my besties, friends of friends that I've gotten to know, scrapbook friends.  The party finally came to a conclusion tonight with a fantastic dinner with my New York girlfriends.  Rachel joked that it was like my wedding, and it completely has been, all these people coming together connected by just me. 

All of the celebrations taught me one important lesson about my twenties… I must have done something very right in that decade to become friends with so many kind, generous, wonderful, fun, caring people.