1. Rifle Paper Co.'s Charleston print - currently typing from a coffee shop in Charleston and wanted to link you up to this fabulous city print that is exclusively available at Mac + Murphy (the cutest local stationery shop where I spent an hour shopping + chatting with the owners.) I know there isn't a soul out there who doesn't adore Rifle Paper Co. and if you know someone who loves CHS as well, this would make the perfect present. 

2. One of Many - my friend in Brooklyn, Wesley Verhoeve, is working on a fantastic project where he's sharing photo essays on creatives around the country. Posting one city each month, it's a beautiful look at people who took a path that follows their creative spirit and where it led them in life. Nashville was posted this week and I think you'll enjoy taking a look (Phila is my favorite.) 

3. Being on the Bridge from Elise Blaha Cripe - I soak up everything Elise posts but I liked this one on particular because of what she says about being on a bridge. This: "We're all here. In our little section, staying above water, searching through our 99 bad ideas to find the single good one and hoping people don't ask us what we do for a living." This is why I text Elise a million questions about work. She just gets it. And I can hear her laughing every time. Elise has the best laugh.

4. Rings Around the City from The New York Times - I went way too long without a donut, but made up for it by eating four on my last trip to NYC. This is a fabulous article about where to find the city's best (but really just check out my #kplovesdonuts hashtag on Instagram and you can see for yourself!)

5. Serial Podcast on NPR - I received a barrage of messages from friends asking me if I was listening to Serial and wanting to talk about it. I finally had some time last week to listen to the first six episodes and now I can't stop talking about it. There's so much to say, but I'll just go on record with it's as good as everyone (and I mean everyone!) is saying it is. Listen, come back and we'll discuss. 

Have a great weekend!