There is an abudance of opportunity to read during the days here in Paris. In cafes, in parks, sitting in the sun along the river. This city was designed for you to stop, plop yourself down into any of the millions of public seating, and relax with a book. For today's Five on Friday, here's a peek at what I'm reading this month:

1. What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: bought this on a whim and read most of it on my flight. Related to 90% of it so I loved it, very much Sex and the City in book form. 

2. My Paris Kitchen: 10 years ago David Lebovitz packed up and moved to Paris, now cooking + eating his way through the city. Sound delicious right? I love his witty voice.

3. The Paris Wife: fiction written from Ernest Hemingway's wife's POV. I've heard people rave about this book and I'm only 1/3 of the way in. It's good but I'm not yet enamored like I hoped to be.

4. A Moveable Feast: of course I had to pack along some Hemingway. Haven't started it yet but my housemate Amy texted me one night saying to get on it. "It's like soul glitter" she said.

5. Hard Choices: excited to dig into this Hillary Clinton memoir. Have to admit I've warmed up to her. And I randomly think of Gilmore Girls quotes (which one does) and this one from season four is makes me laugh now… ParisYou’d think he was already president and I don’t want to be Hillary. I don’t want to wait for a hundred years while he does his thing so by the time I get my chance, I’m too old to enjoy it.
Rory: Well, I don’t think Hillary’s too old to enjoy it.

Leave a comment letting me know what you're reading this month!