I feel like I've been spending more time in Brooklyn than Manhattan lately.  I guess it's my own little way of wandering and traveling, even when I'm in my own city.  Yesterday I was down in DUMBO (which is the acronym for down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass) spending the day at Creative Week New York listening to panelists from the top advertising and design agencies in the city.

DUMBO provides some pretty fine views…



In the evening I met up with some friends to attend a networking party in St. Ann's Warehouse, which happened to have an amazing DJ and it quickly turned into a dance party.  Or a nerd rave, as someone accurately put it.  A hipster nerd rave… it was Brooklyn after all.  I loved it.


And so it was very late when I packed up my Moleskin + dancing shoes said goodnight to DUMBO. 

Speaking of Brooklyn, my friend Jenny sent me screeners for the entire season of Girls which is new on HBO.  I'm obsessed.  By far the most realistic portrayal of a single girl's life in NYC and life in Brooklyn as a 20-something.  Conversations, situations, relationships – my friends and I have definitely been there.  Are you watching?  (And spoiler alert, the season just gets better + better.)