One of the first orders of business in New York City was going to see Santa at Macy's with Amanda and Sarah on Thursday night. This is Amanda + my third year (vist one and visit two) going to see the Big Guy even though he has previously let me down the past two years in my request for a puppy dog.

This year, I pulled out all the stops and asked him for a Shake Shack in Chicago. Since last November there's been rumors it's coming and I am more than ready. Santa knew exactly what I was talking about (of course) and we had quite a lengthy discussion about it.


I told him that Danny Meyer, restaurateur extraordinaire + Shake Shack owner, was the man to talk to. Then Danny later favorited my tweet alerting him that Santa would be in touch soon about my request.

So basically… it's going to happen soon. You're welcome, Chicago. How about you all pitch in and buy me a puppy?