This post on Crop + Create Ottawa is way overdue but also perfect timing since registration for Markham opens tomorrow!  I had such a blast at my first ever Crop + Create last month.  I’ve been to quite a few events over the years and this one was seriously top notch.  I was so honored to be teaching and the ladies I got to meet and hang out with were awesome.  Such a great weekend.



A huge thanks to Sonia, Krista, and Natalie for their enthusiasm!  Loved meeting you.

If you haven’t heard about Crop + Create you can check out the details right here and on their Facebook page.  We have Saskatoon coming up soon and don’t forget that registration for Markham opens on the 22nd.  Trust me, these weekends are jam packed with fun.  And some tasty food (hellooooo dessert bar!)  I can’t wait to see everyone in Saskatoon and I better see some of you fun ladies from Ottawa in Markham next year!