I'm still in Tokyo and getting my days/time zones/schedule all mixed up… but that will fix itself tonight when I head back home.  We'll see if my internal clock will stay 14 hours ahead or not.  So I meant to post these pages much earlier but here's what I made with the Cocoa Daisy December kits.  It was so much fun for me to play with kits again!



I picked up the Nice to Meet You add-on because it had the awesome Sn@p stickers in there (these are amazing) and also the cute Pebbles Journaling Cards.  Love this add-on.


My exclusive stamp set is in the main kit and it's one that can be used over and over – and easily with Project Life!  I'm sloooowly still knocking out my weeks.

I'm thankful to Christine for this fun opportunity and especially to have my stamps in the kit.  Christine actually lives right in the town next to the one where I grew up and my mom had to drive over to drop something off to her.  I emailed to ask if she got there and she wrote back saying yes and how very nice Christine was.  Couldn't agree more.