I just got home from spending a good chunk of time in New York City and before my trip I had asked my friend Sara to give me a list of places I needed to check out in Greenpoint. It's the up + coming neighborhood in Brooklyn and for your frame of reference, where Hannah lives on GIRLS. On her list was Spina, which is a coffee shop and florist combo.

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Inside the white walls and wood floor you'll be treated to Blue Bottle coffee and Dough (my favorite!) donuts, alongside Mast Brothers chocolate bars and Belloq tea. There's Rifle Paper Co. and other beautifully designed greeting cards, plus the Kinfolk cookbook and other gorgeous magazines. And the flowers. Little bright pops of color perfectly arranged. You probably know me well enough to tell that if you wanted to gather up a few of my favorite things, the ones I want when the dogs bite or the bees sting, they could be found at Spina.





Add in my girlfriends, which we did one by one before heading out to dinner, and Spina is somewhere I'd like to stay a quite a while. Or perhaps I'll settle for moving in next door.

While there, I made a short video attempting to capture more of the wonderful details. Here we go:

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