It felt like I said a hundred goobyes before leaving New York but I've always thought it's a lucky thing to have friends that make it hard to say goodbye.  And they were really farewells until next time.  I had a small farewell party at The Smith, which was up in my neighborhood. 


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The food is alright (the desserts are fun + fantastic), it's incredibly loud, and apparently a celebrity hot spot (we were seated nearby Michael Strahan, who I completely did not recognize) but the best thing is there is an awesome photobooth down in the unisex bathroom.  And you know how much I love a good photobooth strip.

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I love the results, especially the random roulette strip.  They are now some of my most cherished photos.  In a city of 8 million people it's surprisingly easy to feel lonely but you will never feel lonely for long with good friends like these ladies.  They were always there for me with encouragement, laughter, a listening ear, a big appetite, and lots of love.  They mean the world to me.  I'm missing them so much already.

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More photos from the night on Julie's and Jodi's blog.