If you want to talk about one of my happiest place(s) on Earth, then you just have to drive 90 east of Disneyland to the Ace Hotel + Swim Club in Palm Springs.  I am an Ace junkie who eats up the hipster havens and I love this location so much. In fact, I had a photo of the pool that I took on my first visit there enlarged + hung in my living room. It makes me feel warm and happy year round.

After CHA I drove to Palm Springs to soak up some sun for a couple days and my best friend Kellie came down from LA to hang out. We had a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun. But that's easy to do at The Ace.


Blog IMG_6008


I could stay here forever. In fact, I think Palm Springs just might be the place I retire to. Sunny and warm with a cute downtown area and an In-N-Out burger. Palm Springs paradise. I didn't take that many photos on this trip, most of my focus was on just relaxing and enjoying my time. I have a lot in this post from my first visit a few years ago + more on my Instagram. 



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I have more to share from Palm Springs as to hold onto that wonderful warm weather feeling for as long as I can. But take my tip and start planning your retirement out in California. I'll meet you by the pool.

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