It's here. I'm thirty years old. I don't feel older or wiser… yet.  Maybe that happens when I wake up in the morning, eh?  I made a 30 in 30 list.  There was a Twenty-Eight List and The 27 Things but nothing last year – and I kind of missed it.  I missed crossing those accomplishments off with a thick bold line.  So here we go again.

1. Eat Chinese food in Flushing
2. Visit four countries I've never been to
3. Make something that I'm scared of actually happen
4. Buy a coffee maker
5. Throw a party
6. Stay out all night dancing
7. Revamp my blog
8. Be open to love
9. Buy baby gifts for all the important new babies in my life
10. Speak up
11. Go to Carnegie Hall
12. Visit three new NYC museums
13. Take a cooking class
14. Go to Austin
15. Unpack every single box in my apartment
16. Run a 5K
17. Be more grateful
18. Create five mini albums
19. Print more photos
20. Make three photo books
21. Try four new recipes
22. Go to Govenor's Island
23. Ride the Roosevelt Island tram
24. Read five non-fiction books
25. See four plays
26. Attend a food festival
27. Become more familiar with InDesign
28. Buy a film camera
29. Spend more time doing nothing (and be ok with it)
30. Do things that make me happy – just do them and not think

Here's to thirty.  May it be everything that you've all promised.  Thank you for coming along on this countdown with me.  I've appreciated your comments more than you know.