I've made a love list every year of my life.  Some things never leave it.  I've made layouts about most of them and they are so fun to look back on.

1. Instagram
2. What Katie Ate
3. Stumptown coffee
4. Strawberry mochi from Trader Joe's
5. Striped shirts
6. My iPhone
7. My Delta SkyMiles status
8. Living in my little studio apartment
9. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs
10. Photobooths
11. Text messages that make me smile
12. Once: A New Musical Soundtrack
13. Project Life
14. Date stamps
15. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
16. Parenthood on Tuesday nights
17. Lunch dates with friends in the city
18. The Brooklyn Bridge
19. Bliss Body Scrub
20. Hipster fashion
21. Umami burgers
22. Lucky Peach magazine
23. Letterpress
24. Miami Beach
25. The airplane scene in Bridesmaids
26. Puppy dogs
27. Mexican cokes
28. Silly email exchanges with Amanda
29. Sleeping in
30. Spring in New York City

What are you loving right now?