I think you can tell from my pre-birthday The Year of Thirty list that I am quite sentimental about the past year. Hindsight, that bitch she is, has made me really embrace my 30th year even though it was full of a lot of challenges. I set a lot of goals for myself and those goals got readjusted or cast aside for things of higher priority. Self-care being one of my highest priorities. And some good old fashioned fun as well.

Here are the results of the list I made of things that I wanted to do in my Year 30 – with the original post here and an update back in December here

1. Eat Chinese food in Flushing
2. Visit four countries I've never been to
3. Make something that I'm scared of actually happen
4. Buy a coffee maker
5. Throw a party
6. Stay out all night dancing
7. Revamp my blog
8. Be open to love
9. Buy baby gifts for all the important new babies in my life
10. Speak up 
11. Go to Carnegie Hall
12. Visit three new NYC museums
13. Take a cooking class
14. Go to Austin
15. Unpack every single box in my apartment
16. Run a 5K
17. Be more grateful
18. Create five mini albums
19. Print more photos
20. Make three photo books
21. Try four new recipes
22. Go to Govenor's Island
23. Ride the Roosevelt Island tram
24. Read five non-fiction books
25. See four plays
26. Attend a food festival
27. Become more familiar with InDesign
28. Buy a film camera
29. Spend more time doing nothing (and be ok with it)
30. Do things that make me happy – just do them and not think

I'm thinking I might need a new list for Year 31. I hesitate because it seems that my life is so atypically the one that happens while I'm busy making other plans. So what do you think… let me know one (or two or three!) things that I should put on my list to do this year.