Before I went to NYC last month, my friend James Socol emailed me and said I was welcome to invite myself over to his apartment for dinner on Friday night. I was more than happy to oblige and the next thing I knew it turned into James making dinner for five girls. And ahem, it was his birthday dinner. What a man.


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The food was wonderful (it had been months since I’d eaten a home cooked meal) and the company was even better. Nothing beats sitting around a table with wine and catching up with my friends. 



Besides bringing an amazing selection of cheeses, Missy also supplied us with a funny antedote that had us laughing to the point of tears all night long. If there’s one thing that I can never get enough of, it’s photos of my friends laughing. 


We laugh a lot and we laugh hard. I miss these friends very much. (Apologies to Jess, who also looks fantastic laughing but was sitting next to me at dinner.)


I dream of someday throwing my own dinner parties with delicious cheese, food right out of the oven, bottle after bottle of wine, and of course lots of funny stories and laughing until we cry. Until my kitchen skills rank up to par, I’ll just have to keep paying more visits to Chateau Socol, where all of the above seem to come so easily.