I spent some time getting caught up on Project Life last week and have three (woohooo three I'm on a roll now baby) weeks to share today. Still sticking with the same system, lots of photos, keep it simple, get it done.


In Week Seven I was in Miami for a couple days, then my friend Rachel came to visit, and it was Valentines Day. After seeing my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's post the other day, I wanted to steal her idea of putting numbers on the photos to record the date. Love it.


Miami made for a nice blue color scheme this week. I  used some Mon Ami stickers and then also this circle die to create a white on white background.



The right side includes photos from Rachel's visit and cards from my Start Fresh kit. I also put in a snapchat from Amanda + Bumble and a couple of  Valentines from friends.


I love including the photostrips taken so far this year and that when cut in half they fit perfectly into a 3×4 sleeve.


Week Eight I was home and Barb came to visit for a long weekend, which means it was extra happy and full of fun. I didn't take many photos until she turned up for the weekend, so good thing she came!


I used Mon Ami paper and stickers. There's a blank spot on the yellow paper for me to include my ticket to the ballet we went to as soon as I dig it up for wherever I shoved it into to be safe (typical right?)


We also went to see Gravity in 3D and were the only people in the theater for a long time. For some reason, this just really cracks me up.



Along with lots of food photos, I stapled in an Intelligentsia coffee cosy so you can see through to the other side. 


Week Nine was mostly spent in NYC so I had an abundance of photos to include this week. It was a bright and colorful week. I used Mon Ami papers on this spread also am obsessed with the Studio Calico gold chipboard hearts.


I used to want to include every little piece of paper from travel but I'm getting better at only saving a few things and throwing the rest away. I dumped a few into a pocket – business cards and a movie stub.

Nine1cLast weekend when I was in San Diego teaching, I was looking through my friend Ciji's album and saw how she had cut down a Design A page protector to make a half insert. Genius idea and I used it for the extra NYC photos.


Amanda's birthday dinner went the front side and then some fun coffee photos went on the back side. I am saving the second half of the page protector I sliced and will use it with Attach-Me stickers in another week.



Good Morning sticker is one of my favorites from the Mon Ami sticker sheet. I carefully use a Sharpie pen to write on the slick stickers so that it doesn't smear.

So that's my Project Life catch up for now. Someone please tell me how we're already half way through March? Egads, this year is going fast.