Please forgive the awful photography as I was balancing on my bed to take the photos trying to snag as much light from the window as the skies got more and more gray.  But…  Project Life!  Project Life!  Back on the blog!


I did about five weeks of Project Life to go into my book and then I got caught up in other projects.  So let’s say I’m about 25 weeks behind.  My friend Jodi told me last week at lunch to just start with the current week and work backwards so that’s what I did.  And um, I’m not even sure last week was 36 but I guess I’ll find out eventually!

This week kicked off with a fun few days in Chicago and then back home in New York not doing much of anything but working.  Lots of washi on this week and a whole mess of new stamps.

36 cu1

36 cu2

I have six new + exclusive wood mounted stamps at Simon Says Stamp – you can find them right HERE.  The washi one is there for sale and I love using it already.  The little hello word bubble is from my Autumn set at SSS.

On an Elle’s Studio card I stamped “Release the pressure valve” which is advice that I was given this week.  I needed to have someone tell me that.  I am great at applying pressure to myself but not so great at carrying it around.  It was a reminder that right now I should ease up a bit, breathe, let some time pass.  Whew.

How is your Project Life coming along?  Raise your hand if you are behind like me!